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LT8708 in buck mode, input 48V output 43V with load more than 0.3A burn MOSFET

Product Specifications: Input: 12.5-75V Output: 43V 7A

LT8708 step-down mode, input 48V output 43V, load > 0.3A burning MOSFET

With load M1 M2 MOSFET damage, short circuit

No-load output voltage is normal, input 12V boost output 43V is normal

However, at 48V input and 43V output, the MOSFET with the load of M1 M2 is damaged and transmitted, short circuit

What is the cause of this problem?

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  • questions are as follows:
    1. When the input of LT8708 is 12V, the output is 43V. At this time, the product works normally in the boost mode.
    2. When the input of LT8708 is 48V and the output is 43V, it works in the step-down mode.
    In the step-down mode, the no-load output voltage is normal, and after the load exceeds 0.3A, the step-down MOSFET short-circuits