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LTC3855 Differential Amplifier


Using LTC3855, I am going to design one channel to output 1V and the other to output 6.3V.

In order to use a differential amplifier, the Vout range must be 0.6V to 3.3V, and the data sheet states that it can output 0.6V to 12.5V when not in use.

I wonder if it can buck 1V on channel 1 with differential amplifier and 6.3V on channel 2 without differential amplifier.


  • Hello,

    Yes. The differential amplifier can be used to sense either VOUT1 or VOUT2 . This is mentioned in the pin descriptions for the DIFFP, DIFFN and DIFFOUT pins. The only limitation is that if a differential amplifier is used, then the maximum allowable VOUT is 3.3V.

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