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LTC4041 with variable current limit?


I am currently designing with the LTC4041. Depending on the system condition, we will have a different input current budget (between 0.9A and 2.5A) and I want to adapt the LTC4041 automatic charge/discharge operation to this budget.

Are there any ways to get this done? Would e.g. a selectable resistor network in parallel to the sensing resistor be a feasible solution?

Any hints welcome ;-)

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  • Hi Siglo,

    thank you for the pointer. I already have worked with the demo board which helps understand the chip. But my core question is not handled there: How can I make the current limit where the charger is still working adaptable. Switching the sensing resistor is not really an option due to its very low resistance and its low voltage drop.

    Any ideas?

    any background info, e.g. how much current the VIN and CLD input area actually drawing?