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LTC4350 feedback pin control

Hey everyone,

Can any explain how to interface the LTC4350 to a DCDC converter which doesn't have a sense pin and only a feedback network controlling the output voltage?

On page 8 it says the following : Note that the power module must have accessible feedback network or a remote sensing pin (SENSE+) to interface to the LTC4350.

Although all the examples do show the remote sense pin interface, I'm not to sure how to interface to a standard DCDC converter which only has an feedback pin.

Any help will really be appreciated!

  • Hi EngJunkie,

    I hope you are doing well!

    LTC4350 provides an option for remote sensing to compensate for copper/wire drop of your power supply. That is why the SENSE+/- of the supply are connected in (Kelvin connection) to Iout and GND of LTC4350.

    Iout is a drain FET connected to Rset that would be used to adjust/compensate the output voltage of that specific power supply by placing a resistor.

    If your power supply don't have SENSE+/-, then you can tie your Iout to PSU FB with series resistor Rout.

    FB is used to monitor the output voltage on the power path. It works similarly to FB pin of typical PMIC.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Edit: Added new image for no SENSE+/- application


  • Audison,

    Thank you for the prompt response!

    I might be misunderstanding something.

    Say I had a dcdc converter with no sense pins but rather a feedback pin such as this:

    How would I interconnect this? The datasheet makes it sound like the LTC4350 can be used to trim power supplies that are paralleled if they just have a feedback pin, however I cant seem to figure it out.

    Any help will really be appreciated. 

  • Hi EngJunkie,

    There is a macromodel in LTSpice for this application.

    This application is discussed in page 9: Output voltage adjustment.

    Refer to page 12 for Load Share Component design.


  • Thank you Audison, 

    I missed the macromodel. Looking into this now.

    Will follow up with questions if I have any, soon

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