ADP1048 eval board questions

I just started trying to hook the ADP1048 demo board up, and I think I’m missing a setup file.  I using the file found here: to help me set this board up.  If you scroll down to page 8, you’ll see that step 7 says to look for a file named ADI1048bridgelessPFC.48b, but I do not have that file.  The only setup file I see is ADP1048PFC600.48b.  I also do not have the corresponding .48r file that the document mentions, either (page 8, step 8).  I assume the ADI is the file name is a typo, and is meant to be ADP.  There is also at least 1 instance of a missing reference to a figure (page 8, step 4) in the link above, so I wasn’t sure if there’s an updated document somewhere.  Given the expense of this board, and my unfamiliarity with the chip, I didn’t want to proceed any further without clearing this up. 

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