LT3045/LT3045-1 - PCB Layout Suggestion For Use In Larger System

The LT3045/LT3045-1 datasheet and eval board manual show a specific layout for preserving PSRR where the LT3045 is preceded by a switching regulator.  However, the datasheet and eval board manual only cover a standalone regulator and do not show it incorporated in a larger system (e.g., following a switching DC-DC converter).   Yet that was at least a conceived use given that the LT3045-1 datasheet shows a few diagrams with such a configuration (e.g., on the front page with the LT3045-1 following a LT8608).

So what is the recommended PCB layout for incorporation of the LT3045 in a larger system?  The ground plane could be partitioned to essentially make it a standalone regulator on the larger PCB, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.  Are there any published documents that show a PCB layout for, e.g., the circuit on the front page of the LT3045-1 datasheet (LT8608 + LT3045/LT3045-1)?


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