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12V input voltage version of ADP5040?


Is there available 12V input voltage version of ADP5040 PMU?

If not could you propose equivalent PMU for AD9364 RF transceiver, so PMU which max. input voltage would be 16V.

  • Mikko,

    The ADP5040 has a single channel switcher and 2 LDOs.

    We do have other high voltage multichannel parts with multiple switching regulators.

    For example the ADP5052 has 4 switchers and 1 LDO.

    This is ideal not just to power the AD9364 but also power the processor or FPGA on the board.

    Let us know if there is something else we can help and remember to use the design tool to optimize your power design.

    ADIsimPower now supports the ADP505x family of
    multichannel high voltage PMUs. This new family of parts supports 4/5 channels
    from inputs up to 15V and with load current up to 4A per channel. Users can
    optimize the design by taking into account the thermal contributions of each
    channel, by cascading channels, and even by placing the high current channels in
    parallel to create an 8A rail. With the advanced features, user can specify
    independently each channel's performance from ripple & transient to
    switching frequency selection from the channels that support half the master
    frequency. As with all the other tools, evaluation boards are available by
    requests directly from the tool.

  • attached you can see an example block diagram using the ADP5052 to power the full system


  • Thanks Luca,

    One thing more, I have 1.0V@5A requirement for DSP core power, but rest power supplies and current consumption requirements are same as your block diagram.

    Do you have PMIC proposal for that?

  • You may want to check back in a few months for some new product releases that will cover your needs.

    If I remember I will post here an update when we have one.

    Best Regards,


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