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ADP3654 Datasheet discrepancies

Browsing the ADP3654 dual FET driver data sheet, I noticed some discrepancies. Thinking it was my interpretation, I then browsed the AnaDev site. Lo and behold, right at the bottom of the webpage is a review with similar issues. There was no reply to it from AnaDev.

Can anyone confirm or deny:

1) Hysteresis on INA and INB is shown in page 1 diagram but not mentioned in specs. I suspect that the diagram was copied from another device and that it does not have hysteresis.

2) UVLO threshold in specs is about 4V but in Figure 5 ia about 8V - which one is correct? The 4V spec makes sense, that the device can work down to an absolute voltage. That 8V number might be from another device in the ADP36xx series.

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