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ADM1270 Design Question

Dear Sir:

I want to design ADM1270 in my system. but study ADM1270 Datasheet Ver:PrE, not have the best reference designs provide to me refer. let me very confused. another can't find ADM1270CP-EVALZ and ADM1270RQ-EVALZ EVB board Schematic/PCB layout ,still ADM1270/Hot-Swap-ADM127x "ADISimPower" simulation tool can quickly calculate all part number and check specifications on the ADI website ... etc.So I have the following requirements. pls help provide me. thanks

Demand1:I need ADM1270CP-EVALZ or ADM1270RQ-EVALZ evaluation board document and schematic(ORCAD file)/PCB Layout and Gerber files to design ADM1270

Demand2:I need ADM1270 ADISimPower Simulation tool can quickly calculate all part number and check specifications,Otherwise, I'll never know Rsense?,Rx?,Cx?,Qx? all components can not be selected.

Demand3: PCB Layout document. If my specification is 48V/30A~40A i need note what?


Best Regards,

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