ADP5360 Design problems


We want to design a wireless application and wanted to use the ADP5360 IC. We manufactured a few prototype PCBs and ran into a problem.

At first, when the PCB was connected to the battery, it caused the IC to overheat. Then, the PCB was connected to a voltage source, to simulate the battery. We found out that the current pulled out of the voltage source was roughly 500mA, without any load, so just the IC was pulling 500mA. We tried this with 3 different PCBs, the result was the same.

My question is: Is there something wrong with our schematic design (attached below)? We tried a simpler approach, we don't use Vout1, Vout2, because we regulate the voltage on another PCB. So we used Vsys as the voltage that is passed to the load. If the schematic is fine, I think maybe there was some error during manufacturing.

Thank you,

Florin Mazilu.