LTM4671, setting frequency on 5A outputs

Hello, dear collegues!

Could you clear next issue - in LTM4671's description on page 12 it is indicated, so it is possible to increase or decrease the switching frequency

"FREQ12 (K10): Switching Frequency Program Pin for Both 5A Switching Mode Regulator Channels. Frequency is set internally to 1MHz. An external resistor can be placed from this pin to GND to increase frequency, or from this pin to INTVCC to reduce frequency. See the Applications Information section for frequency adjustment."

But on page 16 in "OPERATING FREQUENCY" it is noted about increasing frequency only - "For the 5A channels (CH1, CH2), If an operating frequency other than 1MHz is required by the application, the operating frequency can be increased by adding a resistor, RFSET, between the FREQ12 pin and SGND".

Do I understand correctly, so minimal frequency (for 5A converters) is 1 MHz?

Or the switching frequency can be sets less than 1 MHz?




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