ADP8140&ADD5211 Design Opportunity

Dear All:

ADD5211&ADP8140 is ADI New Power IC parts for LED backlight App.I want to know the key differences ADP8140 and ADD5211 Where,I know one is Linear type,another is Switch type ,I will design at TV LED backlighting applications and evaluated ADD5211 and ADP8140 are able to meet my specification which one is the best IC? Why is it?

Now I design  In the LCD Panel at the left-side and right-side have LED driver has its own separate control module.This module key specification is Single string output,60V/500mA.

I not find ADP8140 EVB Board information on the ADI website.can you provide ADP8140 EVB Board Schematic/PCB Layout and Gerber File reference to me it?


Best Regards,