LTC2991 I2C VIH ?

Can the LTC2991 properly detect the I2C transactions (voltage levels) if the I2C SCL and SDA lines are pulled up to 3.3V while the device is being supplied (Vcc) by 5V?

Per the datasheet, the minimum I2C VIH is 0.7*Vcc, which will be 3.5V in my application (Vcc at 5V).

But I have been communicating with the LTC2991 device properly through I2C, even when it is pulled up to 3.3V.

Is there a typo in the datasheet? Should the minimum I2C VIH be 0.7*Vcc min?

Per the datasheet, the Vcc min is 2.9V, and the Vcc max is 5.5V.

Thus, if the minimum I2C VIH is 0.7*Vcc min, then it can support down to 2.03V for min I2C VIH.

Please kindly advise.

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