ADP7182 - Behaviour after mistaken voltage polarity


I have been tasked to troubleshoot a PCB that is powered by an ADP7142-2.5 (providing +2.5V) and an ADP7182-2.5 (providing -2.5V). The ADP7182 was exposed for about to 3-5 seconds to +3.7V (instead of -3.7V), due to the battery being plugged in the wrong way round. It smoked, the user removed the battery, and gave it to me to fix. During testing the regulated output is stable at -2.35V (instead of the expected -2.5V). I have two questions that I hope you could help me with:

1)What is the failure mode of the ADP7182 to such faults? In other words, is it safe to assume that the components downstream were not exposed to the reversely inputted voltage? (My testing seems to suggest so, but I would still really appreciate some input).

2)Is there any indication as to why the output is stable at -2.35V? And moreover, could I assume that it will stay there or is it liable to changing? The exact voltage output is not critical, but I do not want to risk further damage.

Thanks in advance, I truly appreciate any input.