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ADP2108-3.0V outputting 1.0V (instead of fixed 3.0V)


Compact, 600 mA, 3 MHz, Step-Down DC-to-DC Converter

Fixed Output Voltage - 3.0V


I have an ADP2108 that should output a fixed voltage of 3.0V. But for some reason, it's only outputting 1.0V. I've tried using three different ones, but none are outputting the right voltage (3.0V) and I'm still getting 1.0V. I bought the chips from Digi-Key.

I am using the suggested ceramic capacitors (X5R dielectric with a voltage rating of 6.3V) for the input and output. The inductor I have is also the recommended shielded ferrite core material. (All of which are surface mount.) Also, the enable pin is toggled as well (as indicated in the data-sheet). I've also made sure that the on-chip label/marking has the right part number.


Kindly please let me know what I'm doing wrong and please help me fix the problem.


Thank you for your time.

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