ADuM123x: Does it require external supplies for VDDA and VDDB?

I'm planning to use ADuM1233 in my project. I studied its datasheet today. There is something I'm trying to make clear which is not clearly mentioned in the datasheet. How are the VDDA and VDDB voltages are supplied? Does ADuM123x supply these itself via an on-chip circuit. Or, must the user supply them from outside the chip?

One more question I've just remembered: Does this IC have internal shoot through protection? I don't see it in the block diagram. I'm just trying to make sure of it.

Please give information on these matters.

Screen shot from this article:

  • Hello Erdem,

    Yes, the ADuM123x require external voltage sources on the secondary sides.

    The ADuM123x do not contain internal shoot-through protection, and allows for both outputs to be high at the same time.

    If you are looking for a solution that contains an isolated power supply within the part, please check out the ADuM5230, or the ADuM6132. They contain isoPower for the high-side of the half-bridge.

    The ADuM123x has a rating of 0.1 A peak on the outputs, so it suitable for small gate charges on the power devices. If you require more drive strength, I recommend looking at the ADuM3223 or ADuM4223. Their datasheets also contain information on how to construct a bootstrap configuration saving you an isolated power supply if you have a minimum switching frequency and duty-cycle.