Name some types of photovoltaic and thermoelectric energy harvesting systems(part number) which working "frendly" with ADP5090.

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    the ADP5090 is targeted for low light PV applications and works well with Sanyo Amortron modules like AM-1454. This module is designed and tested for good efficiency at low light conditions.

    Since the ADP5090 is a boost based MPPT you need to select an element that has an open circuit voltage lower than the system voltage. This means typically 3.3V or less.

    Power levels are in the 100uW to 300mW range so larger collectors can be used but they need a low operating voltage (paralleled element).

    The same can be said for TEGs, for example MPG-D751 from Micropelt or products from Marlow industries. This is not an specific endorsement for these companies, in this field there are more and more suppliers coming to the market and you may want to do your own research.

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