Questions re: LTM8083 data sheet

Hoping someone can clear up a couple of questions re: the LTM8083. 

1) Are there any guidelines for selection of the optional capacitor on the Vc pin?  Page 13 says "If more switching noise attenuation is required, an optional, capacitor can be added on Vc pin to ground," but there is no info on what capacitor values are suitable for suppressing noise.  I don't care (much) about transient response but less noise is usually a good thing.  :)  The only info I can find is the note regarding Css needing to be 5x-10x larger than any added Vc capacitance.

2) Is Figure 22 correct?  The pinout shown appears to be for a bottom view, with regard to the 'handedness' of the alphabetical and numeric designators.  However, the actual pin connections make sense only if the diagram is interpreted as a top view.  E.g., figure 22 says E1 is a Vin pin, instead of a ground as described elsewhere.

3) Referring to Table 6, is a 50V 1210 capacitor really necessary at Cout?  I'd expect an 0805 25V X7R part to be OK for outputs of 5V or less, but I'd like to make sure I'm not overlooking something.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.