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Can I calculate typical scheme with help of ADP1050-51 Evaluation Software ?

I look to ADP1051 evolution kit and corresponding software for it - ADP1050-51 Evaluation Software and I can not understand from program GUI and it's documentation - what's the purpose of digits near with resistors, transformer and other elements? Can change some of them, for example output voltage and current and calculate other scheme parameters? or what's for they?

  • Hi Dmitry,

    Sorry for the late response. The values of resistors, transformer and other elements are based on the power board exact parameters. They are used for:

    1. generate the scale factor for the PMBUS commands in the GUI, such as VOUT_SCALE_LOOP, IOUT-CAL_GAIN etc.

    2. generate the correct voltage current readings in the monitor window.

    3. generate the transfor function and bode plot of the power stage. they will be further used for compensation loop configuration.



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