how to mass produce the ADP1048 by Hex


hi sir


I  already design in the ADP1048 in 2.2kw power

Now, I need to mass produce the adp1048,

I can generator the hex by GUI-ADP1048,but i hope you can support a tool

Let our operation can use the tool to mass produce the ADP1048 in product line.


  • There are many industry standard hardware and software tools available in the market that would take the hex file as an input and program it to the connected part. I would advise looking into that for programming in production.

    If you are in Taiwan, you can contact Rickey Chien for help. They can provide a full tool for programming using the hex file. Alternatively, data I/O can also provide the tool. Please advise if you need more information.

    Rickey Chien                 

    Fairchild (Taiwan) Corporation.

    Instrument Business Div.


    6F,No.205-3, Sec.3, Beixin Rd., Xindian Dist.,New Taipei City , Taiwan


    TEL:886-2-2917-3005 Ext:213

    ZIP Code:23143

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