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LT3092 - Package options


Just wanted to know if the LT3092 Current Source IC is available in 8 pin through-hole package because I only see Surface Mount options on websites. 

Please could you suggest alternatives with through-hole type pins that can be used on a breadboard.

Thank you

  • Hi,
    Good day!

    I regret to tell you that LT3092 is not available in through hole package. 
    You may want to search other current source product in our portfolio on this link below.
    Maybe you can consider some to use in your application. Feel free to browse products that you may need.
    I see LT3080 series which can be use as current source that are available in through hole package but not 8-pins.

    But if you really prefer to use the LT3092 in your application, I believe there are available sockets/adapters on the market for SOT-23-8/TSOT-8 package that can fit a breadboard.