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Can you connect LT3045 and LT3094 to create floating supply?


I want to create a floating supply for my chip. I don't care a lot about absolute voltages as long as differential voltage is accurate and low noise. I see that capacitance on SET pin determines the output noise. Can I combine them as follow (see pic below). It is from datasheet but modified. Few more questions:

1. Will I get the noise specification (0.8uVrms 10Hz to 100kHz), if I connected like this ?

2. Why do we need 249k and 267k resistors to input ? Do we absolutely need it ?

3. Should I only decouple outputs to GND as shown in picture or should I also have another differentially connected decoupling capacitor ?

3. Can I create a 4-quadrant supply (as it was shown in datasheet for LT3091, see second pic below), using LT3045 and LT304 pair ?

I would really appreciate your soonest response.