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LCD Backlight Driver 14,3V @ 600mA with IC LT3956


I use LT3956 led driver for back light driver. LED driver will be work 9-36V supply voltage. My LED parameters are 14,3V @ 600mA. I try to simulate circuit but I can not find needed parameters.

Could you please help me for this.

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  • Hi Mikee,

    I draw a simulation circuit on LTSPICE. 

    My common problem is, my circuit can not work on buck mode. Our design have to work 9 to 36V supply voltage,

    When i apply 12V input voltage, circuit work fine. (Bost model OK)

    When i apply 36V input voltage, i can not control output current. (Buck mode)

    I am getting 7A output current.

    My display parameters are Vf=14,3V IF=600mA

    Could you please help on simulation circuit. Because I produced this circuit and does not work correctly.