Design with ADP2325



My name is Meir and I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies in Israel.


Silicom, one of my customers, started to evaluate the ADP2325 and ADP5023.

They are using the ADIsimPOWER and we have some questions regarding the results that we have got from this tool.

  1. The tool recommends to use peripheral components size of 0805 as shown in Figure1 in attached file. Although, according to user guide recommended BOM - peripheral parts size – 0603 as shown in Figure2 in attached file
    1. What is the reason for using this size of parts?
    2. Their design is very high density and small size is very critical for them. Can they use the 0402 size components?


  1. What is the GND connection recommendations?
    1. Accorrding to the data sheet, single GND required (as shown in Figure3 in attached file).
    2. According to the ADIsimPOWER tool, the GND is separated (as shown in Figure4 in attached file)
    3. Appreciate if could you send us the GNDs connection recommendations and layout guidelines.


  1. According to the ADIsimPOWER tool, ZENER diode shall be optional connected on Vout. I suppose that this diode is intended for high voltage protection, is it? (as shown in Figure5 in attached file)
    1. Is my customer can remove this part from the design? This part is not connected in data sheet.



Additional info regarding the customer’s power configuration in attached file.