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LT3086 Output Below 400mV

I'm using the LT3086 as a linear postregulator to a switching power supply. I'm designing a circuit that acts like an adjustable power supply for a bench. I had planned on using LTC7106 to adjust the output voltage of the LT3086 and the switcher. If I were to inject more than 50uA into the SET pin, would I be able to drive the LT3086 output all the way down to 0V (given the appropriate current for the SET resistor)?

Prototype test circuit excerpt below:

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  • The sim only draws extra current from the pin to adjust the voltage up. You'd need to inject more than 50uA into the SET node to pull the voltage to ground.

    I tweaked the simulation to do that (replaced voltage source with current source that ramps from 0 to 55u, then down to -55u) and the regulator seems to go to ground subject to the load discharging the output. The sim implies a nonlinear recovery right when the output starts to rise again from 0V, but it appears minimal.

    (I'm having an issue uploading a screenshot of this. "Insert image" is requiring a URL, and not showing a file upload button)

    Would there be any other issues beyond a small control loop recovery transient?