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About ADM1270 ADISimPower Tool

Dear All:

I recently tested ADM1270 EVB Board encountered a great deal of trouble? because ADM1270 had a lot of external resistor. capacitors to control ADM1270,Every time to waste a lot of time to calculate it. ADI have supply ADM1270 ADISimPower excel file to accelerate the verification of my time? Thanks


Best Regards,


  • Dear AD,

    Further to this discussion:

    I used your "ADM1270 Design Spreadsheet tool", but it is limited for practical design, because I cannot change the R-values and see the resulting voltages.

    Currently voltage settings can be selected and the R-values are then calculated, but only E96 range, not E12.

    Can you please send me the "raw"/unlocked spreadsheet so that I can modify R-values and see what the resulting voltages will be please?

    Best regards,

    Rean Bootsma

  • Hi Rean,

        We do not release the unlocked excel file because it contains ADI proprietary information. If you would like you can send me your spreadsheet and I will see what I can do to make it easier for you to find the correct resistors.


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