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Looking SEPIC DC/DC & USB sink

Hi guys.

I am trying to build a power supply for transceiver project. So the main idea is to make it versatile and camp-ready which means it can be powered by car, power bank, battery or USB Type C power supply from laptop. Which means input voltage range 4.5..25V (some cars have 24V power voltage), output 12V, 5A (when possible). Current goal is transmit 5W when source can supply 10W or go up depending on negotiated power level. Basically device will have 2 inputs - one USB Type C connector and DC Jack for car plug.

So I am looking for a USB sink solution which includes the PD/QC negotiation to a maximum available power with I2C that will be able to report negotiated level back.

Also I am looking for SEPIC converter that will be able to pump 60W with lowest possible EMI. I am ok to have some extra MOSFETs around.

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