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Comparison of two dual +-V output converter circuist: LT1930 vs LT8335


I am studying on dual ouput converter based on SEPIC topology. I find from datasheets that both LT1930 and LT8335 could create a symmetrical dual output. Please see.

The pictures show clear that there are 2 kinds of circuts to create dual +-V outputs.

1, consists of 1 inductor and 4 Schottky diodes.

2, consists of 3 inductors (coupled) and 2 Schottky diodes.

My questions are:

Is the 2 circuits equivalent?

If they are quite different, what's the exact differences about their efficiency and output current capacity?

Is there a simple sign via which I could easily judged which kind of ICs should use which circuit?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards.