{Urgent] N-Fet gate driver buffer for LT4356 and LTC4368

Hi Analog Team
Plan is to use LT4356 or comparable power controller in power input device and have input voltage 12V@300W. I try to get 20-25A current from AC-DC adapter going from input to output load with minimum voltage drop between Vin and Vout. Sources of dual N-Fets  (common source) are connected together as done in Fig 7 of LT4356's datasheet and 1...4pcs N-FET pairs are connected in parallel between Vin and Vout and LT4356's Gate-pin will control fets.
I notice that LT4356's Gate drive strength is not very high so I am wondering if Analog have suitable  N- FET gate driver/ buffer between LT4356's Gate-pin and N-FET's Gate-pin and do you see that implementation of this plan is doable inn general.
I hope to get Analog's comment ASAP.
Best regards Oretna

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