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LT8610's SYNC pin


Is it possible to input the pulse signal (0V / 3.3V) to the SYNC pin before powering on LT8610 (VCC = 0V)?

The maximum rating for the SYNC pin is 6V.

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How many amperes does the current flow when 3.3V is input to the SYNC pin without powering on LT8610(VCC=0V)?
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for application of LT8610.

    Yes, it should be good to have the input pulse signal 0V/3.3V to the SYNC before power-on.

    The SYNC pin has a max rating voltage of 6V, and it is strongly recommended to not exceed this rating voltage.

    In this case, the typical Vin quiescent current is 1uA.

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