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LTM4686 overcurrent limit

Hi,Support team,

I evaluate DC2722 with the condition of attached settings.

LTPowerPlay GUI latest (v1.5.1.0) 

There are three unclear points about overcurrent limit function.

a) The current limit works at greater than IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT value.

setting value on LTPowerplay measured value by current probe
9.703A 11.12A
6.298A 7.35A
4.000A 6.2A

b) MFR_IOUT_CAL_GAIN_TC is a positive value, but it seems that the current limit value goes smaller if LTM4686 is cooler.

c) Even though MFR_PWM_MODE [7] = 1 is set, it can be set to a limit value smaller than 37.5mV/IOUT_CAL_GAIN,

   and the actual operation also works with that value.

   example) setting 6.398A with MFR_PWM_MODE[7] =1 , current limit works at 6.852A. 

Can you tell me why the above is happening?


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