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Paralleling DCDC converters request

Hi Everyone,

Taking a last stab at this to see if a manufacturer has a controller that has this functionality instilled in it.

I plan on having a battery pack and would like to be able to parallel a few of these and make it somewhat hot swappable. 

The idea is that I can add or remove a pack as needed without disturbing the system and if a pack fails there is redundancy so the whole system doesn't fail.

To do this I want to have the outputs of all the packs be at the nominal same voltage, therefore I plan on boosting the battery voltage which will be between 5.4 ~ 8.4V to up to 12V with at most 3A using a dcdc converter.

Now I have a nominal voltage, although there will be small voltage variations, which cause the dcdc with the highest output voltage to carry the burden of the load. I'm looking for a controller that can accomplish this but also has functionality to trim the output voltage or in some incorporate something to allow for the current to be shared by each dcdc converter.

I really tried to make this as clear as I can, but if not, please dont hesitate to ask.

Any and all help will really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!