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Can I use the ADP1872 to design a bidirectional converter?

The ADP1872 is synchronous buck controller. Theoretically, synchronous buck converters can be used as bidirectional converters.  So keeping that in mind the ADP1872 should also be bidirectional (i.e it should be able to deliver current from and to both sides if required). Is it so ?

Thank you!

  • Hello Dhiogo,

    The ADP1872 is not a good choice for a bidirectional converter because it is a current mode part.  It would be better to choose a voltage mode part like the ADP1828 or ADP1829.  We have in fact used these parts for high current DDR termination applications.



  • Thanks Kevin,

    I couldn't find anything in the ADP1872 datasheet explaining if it can be used as a bidirectional converter or not. Can it really work in the bidirectional mode (buck mode when current is flowing from the input to the output, and boost mode when current is flowing from the output to the input) ?

    Thank you ,


  • Hi Dhiogo,

    As I said the ADP1828 will work very well as a bidirectional converter.  Simply run a voltage into the Track that is less than the reference voltage and appropriately size your resistive divider from the output voltage to the feedback pin.  There is no information on the datasheet for this application since it is not very common.