LTC4015 ADC Readings


i am trying to design a x4 LiFePo4 battery charger using the LTC4015 with a ADM1177 hot-swap controller on the battery input side. The maximum charging current is 1A. 

I am using a 6 layer PCB design with a dedicated GND plane.

After I assembled the circuit I was able to:

  1. detect the IC using an MCU I2C protocol
  2. Measure 2p5VCC pin = 2.5v
  3. Measure INTVCC pin = 5V 
  4. Read System Status Register = 0x1 (INTVCC > 2.8v) {Only , other bits are not set }
  5. VIN = 20V
  6. Current Consumption 5mA (not charging)
  7. When connecting the battery load the Charging status change to a constant current phase. and the current consumption rises to 700mA

The problem is that all of the values provided by the ADC [VIN, VSYSIN, TEMPDIE ...] are giving either 0 or rubbish data. What might the problem be? 
I tried changing the LTC4015 chip with no luck. 

Below is the circuit


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