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What is the output current of ADP3335 MSOP ?

Dear sir.

What is the maximum output current of ADP3335ARMZ-3.3-RL(MSOP) ?

Even theoretical maximum current of ADP3335 MSOP is 300mA.

As I checked, it just can be maximum 100mA.

Its condition is below.

Input voltage is 5V

Output voltage is 3.3V

Ambient temperature is 35 Cels. degree.

  • Hi Kiyoung SON,

    The max load current is typically 800mA, and the specifications table in the ADP3335 datasheet show regulation and noise values for up to 500mA of output current.

    You might be seeing a different issue, can you share some scopeshots of the failure and your schematic?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Kiyoung SON,

    Can you post your schematic, and perhaps a snapshot of the failure mode of what you're seeing on VIN and VOUT once the load goes above 100mA?

  • Maybe It is gone thermal shutdown.

    MSOP without PAD is weak about thermal.

    But, I calculated output current with theta JA.

    I think weak point, it is copper land.

    plz help me.

  • Hi Kiyoung SON,

    It is unlikely that the part goes into thermal shutdown as the load current goes above 100mA. To help you with the calculation, the theta-ja for a 2-layer MSOP board is around 220degC/W. At 110mA load, the power dissipated in the die is (5.0V-3.3V) x 110mA, which gives about 0.187W. Therefore, the junction temperature rises to ( 35degC + 220 x 0.187 ), which is about  76.14degrees. At 200mA load, the junction temp rises to only about 109.8degrees which is still far from the thermal shutdown threshold.

    I suggest that you double check the solder condition of your components, and make sure that the input and output caps are placed close to the ADP3335, try also to swap out parts to check if you're seeing the issue with multiple ICs.

    Best regards,


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