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LT3959 configuration

Hello I have a circuit which requires 10V DC supply. However, I have only 5V DC input and I am planning to use LT3959 for 5V to 12V conversion with SEPIC configuration and than use LT3086 LDO for converting it to cleaner 10V DC. Is it meaningful? if not, can you give me some advice? I am not sure about 5V to 12V conversion step since the convert ratio is more than two. I also need to know how much current LT3959 can give me in that configuration. LT3959 datasheet does not give detailed information about current capability of the LT3959 for different in/out voltage configurations.
Thanks in advance

  • Hello,

    the LT3959 can be used for a 5V to 12V conversion (Boost and SEPIC topology are possible). Output Current capability is described on page 13(Boost) and page 15(SEPIC). Do the math with your topology and Vin/Vout values.  Internal power switch is rated with 6A(minimum) and will deliver plenty of output power. How much do you need?

    Check the Evalboard which fits your application requirement:

    LDO is only necessary if your load demands for low noise/low ripple supply.

    kind regards