ADM7150 BYP Pin Voltage?

I want to use a 100 uF Tantalum cap in parallel with a ceramic cap on the BYP pin as suggested by the datasheet to reduce noise at frequencies below 1 kHz. Tantalum caps are huge, however, and I would like to pick the physically smallest one I can. Since the size is correlated with the voltage rating, what voltage tantalum cap should I use? The datasheet doesn't give a clear number for what voltage the BYP pin is at. I am using the ADM7150 to linearly regulate 6.2V down to 5V.

REF, BYP, and VREG are internally generated voltages that require external bypass capacitors for proper operation. Do not, under any  circumstances, connect any loads to these pins because doing so compromises the noise and PSRR performance of the ADM7150. Using larger values of C BYP , C REF , and C REG is acceptable but can increase the start-up time as described in the Start-Up Time section.