LT8390 Design Review

I am using the LT8390EFE#PBF in a Lithium Ion battery charger design and was wondering if an application engineer would be willing to review the schematic.

I used LTpowerCAD to create the design and then used LTSpice to simulate. The results looked reasonable but I would like one last critique before I pull the trigger on prototypes.

Please let me know how you would like me to provide the design files for review.

Design notes:

  • Vin bound between 34.1V and 9.84V by input protection circuitry
  • Vin operating range 10V to 32V
  • Dual channel DAC for manipulating current limit and Vout setpoint
  • 6s Lithium Ion battery either 4.2V or 4.45V chemistries
  • 6.8A maximum charging current
  • Intend on using spread spectrum operation to lower emissions


  • Stable operation across Vin operating ranges (9.84V to 34.1V) as well as Vout operating ranges (18V to 26.7V) and current output ranges (50mA to 6.8A)


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