LTC7000 - Pin Spacing

I'm considering using LTC7000 in an application where nominal input voltage is 28V and 100V 50ms surge withstand is required for MIL-STD-1275 compliance. In the 24th page of the datasheet, an application example is provided for LTC7000 (attached below). It is written that the design is "150V tolerant". I know the Vin pin can withstand 150V. However, Vcc pin which is next to Vin has 15V absolute max rating and LTC7000 has 0.157mm pin spacing which is, as far as i know, quite low for 150V. Can you explain how this part is not damaged when 150V is applied from input side in the given configuration?
Also, can it withstand 150V input continuously?
Thank you,

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