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LTC 3566 | Values for Type III Compensation for 5V output


We are using LTC3566 for a wearable application. We want to use LTC3566 in Type-III compensation for the boost output. 

Please share the values for R1, Rfb, C1, R2, C2, R3, C3, Cout, and Lout for 5V/1A output.

The datasheet has the values for 3.3V output. Please share values for 5V output as it will help us accelerate the testing.

Thank You,

Tejas S J
Axxonet System Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Hello, Unfortunately I did not find any helpful information which the components for the type III compensation were used, calculated, or simulated for a 5V output. The only information found was the transfer function, filter pole, right hand plane zero, and unity gain calculations shown on page 24 of the datasheet. It looks like the components to start with will need to be calculated and then tested in the application based on this information. Sorry I do not have anything more useful to share at this time.