ADP1047 EVB connection issue


I am testing ADP1047 EVB and the ADP1047 output connect to a DC to DC.(Phase-shift).

Now I find out that the Communication is very easy to lost when the DC to DC stage turn on.

Is there any way to avoid the GUI to lost the communication with ADP1047 EVB?

  • There is just too much noise on the I2C lines and that is why the connection is lost. This is typically the case when you have a change in the system such as a load step or just when you start the PSU. This could also be aggravated by large ground loops in the layout.

    What you can do is to keep the GUI on a screen which does not have any readbacks such as the main window or the output voltage window for example. Windows to avoid are the flags and readings window.

    After the system is in steady state you can go to the flags and readings window.

    Another alternative is to put a common mode choke on the I2C adapter if you don't have one already.

    Lt Comm Data.

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