AD7280A acknowledgements

Hallo Community,

I have setup 5 AD7280A chips daisy-chained on a bord to manage an array of Batteries. It sets up well and can read Conversion Data and so on. But I struggle go get acknowledgments when setting my Balancing registers.

In my application I have occasionally to set the Balancing registers per chip in between conversion reads. When doing so the Bord obviously executed the balancing commands but no acknowledgments are received, only empty data is returned. What actions must be performed to get those acknowledgments?  

According to the datasheet the read register cannot be 0x00 or the Clock speed must be below 1Mhz for chips further down the chain. Also, the [D13:D12] bits of the control Register must be 11 for all but the targeted chip.  

When doing so I receive the acknowledgments for the Balancing register, but now most of the setup/ clean up commands are unacknowledged. Further I was surprised to receive the balancing register acknowledgments in only on cycle independent of their place in the chain.


I hope you have any ideas or advice for me.

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