Inquiry about a Pin Connection of LTM4671


I'd like to ask about a Pin Connection of LTM4671.

(1) If I don't want to use a temperature monitor, I can connect TMON to INTVCC12.

In that case, how should I set the following two pins?



(2) The following information can be found on p.15 of the data sheet.

>>For parallel operation of N-channels, tie the VOUT, the FB pins and VOSNS– pins together but only hooking up one VOSNS+ (VOSNS) pin to the VOUT so that all the paralleling channels can share the same error amplifier and same top 60.4k feedback resistor.

In Figure 31 on p.31, there is a connection between VOSNS1+ and VOSNS2+.

Is this correct if I follow the diagram?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 14, 2020 9:02 AM

    Hi Knj, 

    (1) You can leave these floating or ground them. The pin internally connects to the temperature diode anode.

    (2) This error is in datasheet edit. Though it is still ok (internal top FB resistors are in parallel), for the resistor value shown this connection should be removed (float VOSNS2+ instead)