ADP1046A GUI - Register loading


In setup window of ADP1046A GUI, I changed PWM setting and saved it into my_setting.46r.

I closed ADP1046A GUI and executed the GUI again. Then I loaded my_setting.46r. But no change in GUI.

How can I retrieve my own GUI configuration?

1) I saved my setting by clicking on 'Save registers...' icon.

2) I started GUI again and loaded my own configuration. But PWM setting looks like default value.

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  • Hi Mack,

    1. If you want to store the settings in the part (ADP1046A) you need to click on "Save to EEPROM". Then if you close the GUI and restart you'll see your settings.

    2. If you are not connected to the part or have saved the settings only in a file with extension *.46r, then you have to click on load register settings and select your file to see your settings.

    3. If you are in the PWM window and then load another .46r file, then you'll have to click on the reset button at the bottom in order to see your settings. This is done so that the GUI gives you a chance to store your PWM configuration.

    Please see ADP1046A videos for more information. Go to

    Then click on reference materials and then click on the right arrow key until you see the videos.

    Lt Comm Data.