LTM8048 Efficiency ?

What is the definition of "efficiency" used in the corresponding data-sheet of LTM8048?

I would expect that: efficiency = total output power / total input power.

Is this assumption correct?

Reason for this question: separate plots which indicate the bias current for different conditions.

If the bias pin is connected to V_in or not connected at all, the power for the internal operation of this part will come from V_in.

Therefore, I would expect, that any power needed for bias (or any internal function) is included in the above "total input power" and therefore included in the calculation of the efficiency.


I am slightly confused, since there seems to be the possibility to operate this part with an additional 5V supply for bias. And this seems to indicate, that the bias power needed for the internal functions of this part might not be included in the efficiency calculation.

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