ADM1041 locked after EEPROM erase and power cycle

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this topic has already been raised some time ago but closed without a solution.

I use a ADM1041 and I had to change the default values stored in the EEPROM (page 9).

According to the datasheet, I previously erase the whole page 9. Since a powercycling occured before the new values were written to the EEPROM, now the ADM1041 is locked because the whole page 9 has 0xFF in all registres which initializes also the EEPROM lock bits after power up when the config is taken and also the trim registers are locked

Currently also register 0x07 seems to be locked. How can I change the default values now?

According to the datasheet there seems to be a bit that needs to be set ?

" Bit 1 of EEPROM Register 3 must be set." - but I see no "EEPROM Register 3" in the datasheet. (Datasheet Rev. A page 37)

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