LTC4020 choose components value

hi everyone,

i'm trying to use the Linear LTC4020 to charge a battery and use the load output

my features are

Input : 6-11V

Output : 11-13V (12v would be fine)

charge a LIFePO4 13.2V 2.5A battery

i'm puzzled in how to dimension the components in the right side of the schematic on page 37: all the features were right to just copy and paste that beside the battery chemistry is different

instead, on age 38, che chemistry is right but the voltages are different

also i don't know how to dimension he components on ITH pin(on the datasheet it suggests to use an analier which i don't have and refers to an application note which is different from the exact IC i'm using), VC and VFB pin, i'm no exactly sure if the values i calculated are correct for my battery

i need some help to calculate everything starting by my features