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LT8210 mode

Good morning. Good morning. To create a hold-up circuit for a load that accepts a power supply voltage from 18 to 32V, load at 60V a capacitor of 12mF and activating the EN/UVLO pin, I would like to use the lt8210 working as a buck until the capacitor voltage is reduced to 32V, take advantage of pass-thru operation up to 20V and then extract as much energy as possible from the energy stored in the capacitor by making the LT8210 work as a boost. I do not foresee current limitations, but given the current mode operation of the controller I have inserted 3 mOhm sensing resistors, with inductance of 4uH@10A & 5mOhm. Referring to the diagram of fig.16 of the data-sheet I connected 480k between Vout and FB1, 10k between FB1 and FB2, 10k between FB2 and Gnd. I also inserted 27k between Vc1 and Vc2. It escapes me, I did not understand, if the LT8210 manages the three modes of operation independently or if I have to insert a control circuit that acting on M1 & M2 imposes the required modes of operation, to obtine the function to maintaining the output voltage within 32->18V during the complete discharge of the capacitor.

Wthout it wasting time i cananticipate the problems of the LT8210, given the sad experience with other LT products.

Thank you for your attention

Best regards

Arturo Wolfsgruber

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