LTC4015 Charging for about 20 - 30 second then stop and restart


   I found a problem in my design and I can't find any solution to fix it.

   My charger module with LTC4015 can start to charge the 7cells li-ion battery at 3.2Amp (10 mOhm RNSB). However, after 20-30 second, the charger stop charging and the VIN mosfet turn off (battery current is negative) . Then, the charger get back to charge again then stop. The loop time became shorter than the first loop. 

   I keep observe on IC's register via I2C bus and I found that when I turn-off VIN, it seems the IC can't interface via I2C. Data from I2C is not correct and some register always zero. 

    The IC will be back to communicate via I2C when I turn off all power source (VIN and VBatt) and turn on.

What should I try to solve this problem ? 

   Thank you in advance 

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