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LT3086 soldering recommendations

Hi All,

We are using LT3086 in our application to generate different output voltages. Load current is < 20mA. We are observing issues at the output.

1. Output voltage generated is less than desired voltage. 

2. Sometimes output voltage regulates well. After sometime, output voltage drops to less value. 

We had to manually solder these ICs. Is there any special instructions for manual assembly of these ICs?

We wanted to rule out any soldering issues and hence request you to please provide us with necessary assembly/soldering instructions. Is RoHS solder ok?



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  • Thank you ARad.

    We debugged further and found some manual soldering issues from our end. Nearby these ICs, tall components were mounted and so manual assembling had some issues. Once we removed tall components, soldered the IC and reinstalled tall components back, the circuitry is working as intended with correct output voltage.

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